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Psst, need a custom maintenance plan?

We can maintain any type of website. We don’t discriminate. Let us audit your current setup and see how we can help: free.


Why is our maintenance
service the best?

Proactive Maintenance

We don’t wait for problems to arise. Our team is always on the lookout, ensuring your site is running smoothly and securely.

Expertly Managed

Our team knows WordPress inside and out. You’ll receive top-notch service, with best practices always in mind.

Lightning fast load times

Our optimized servers and regular performance checks ensure your WordPress site loads like lightning.

Daily Update Management

WordPress, Plugins, and Themes; we manage the update process for you so your site is always running on the latest and safest version.

Vulnerability Updates

Stay one step ahead of potential hackers with real-time vulnerability updates.

Performance Monitoring

We monitor your website’s performance and make recommendations on how to improve load speed for your customers’ satisfaction.

Uptime Monitoring

Your site should be available 24/7. If your site goes down, we are notified and get to work standing it back up.

Performance Monthly Report

We provide a clear view on how your site is tracking for SEO and conversion.

Daily Backups

Don’t stress. We take daily backups of your site and keep them for 30 days.

Licencing of key premium plugins

We manage your plugin licenses to ensure you never lose any of your site’s functionality.

External SMTP mail server

We manage and configure your site to handle your mail requirements.

Daily Form automated testing

Don’t let small issues lose business from your site. We run daily automatic tests to ensure functionality.

WooCommerce Maintenance

We maintain and optimize your WooCommerce pages to guarantee your customers’ ease of use at all times.

On page SEO

Let us help you grow and maintain your Google ranking.

Who we Are


Director of Strategic Accounts

Director of Operations

Director of Partnerships

Bright Development is a full-service digital marketing agency offering best-in-class services ranging from business consulting, web & mobile development to full-scale marketing services.

about us

We’re Experts

We’re a team of experts in their respective fields, coordinated by highly trained project managers. At Bright Development, we believe in expert communication and meeting deadlines. 

Every step along the way, you’ll know exactly where we are on the project and when it will be completed.  If anything gets in the way, it will be communicated far in advance. 

We’re Creative

Our project managers have a holistic understanding of the project’s strategy, development and processes.  It allows them to be tremendously flexible in seeking out creative opportunities to get things done ahead of schedule and below budget. 

We’re Your Partners

All of our work is modular and non-proprietary.  This is important because if you ever decide to hire someone full-time or bring on another agency, you can do so without difficulty.  Our goal is simple.  We want to provide you high-quality work on-time.

We look forward to
working with you!

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