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Need a WordPress website that doesn’t suck for a price that won’t break the bank?

We can help with your existing site, too.



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What you receive:

  • A gorgeous 1-4 page website drawing from a pre-existing template
  • Search engine optimazed
  • Speed optimized
  • Auto-backups
  • Secure
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What you receive:

  • Branding: a new logo, color scheme, fonts
  • A gorgeous 1-4 page website drawing from a pre-existing template
  • Search engine optimized
  • Speed optimized
  • Auto-backups
  • Secure
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What you receive:

  • Branding: a new logo, color scheme, fonts
  • A gorgeous, completely custom designed 1-4 page website
  • Search engine optimized
  • Speed optimized
  • Auto-backups
  • Secure
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Our Process

Why Are our Sites Great?

Award winning design

Some people love our designs so much, they gave us awards – but hey, we weren’t surprised.

Lightning fast load times

We’ve spent an arm and a leg configuring servers that allow our WordPress sites to load like lightning.

Properly Developed

Our devs know what they’re doing, and you’ll receive a site that is built to last and made with best practices in mind.

Daily Update Management

WordPress, Plugins and Themes; Our team will manage the update process for you so your site is always running on the latest and safest version.

Vulnerability Updates

Stay one step ahead of potential hackers with vulnerability updates in real time.

Just need maintenance or
updates to your existing site?

Uptime Monitoring

Your site should be available 24/7. If your site goes down, we are notified and get to work standing it back up.

Daily Backups

Don’t Stress. We take a daily backup of your site and keep them for 30 days.

Performance Monitoring

We monitor the performance of your website and make recommendations on how to improve load speed for your customers satisfaction.

Daily automated updates

The easy way to ensure your site is always as up-to-date as it can be.

Performance Monthly Report

We can provide a clear view on how your site is tracking for SEO and conversion.

Licencing of key premium plugins

We will manage your plugin licenses to ensure you never lose any of your site’s functionality.

External SMTP mail server

We can manage and configure your site to handle your mail requirements.

WooCommerce Maintenance

We can maintain and optimize your WooCommerce pages to guarantee your customers’ ease of use at all times.

Daily Form automated testing

Don’t let small issues lose business from your site. We can run daily automatic tests to ensure functionality.

On page SEO

Let us help you grow and maintain your Google ranking.


The Team

Responsible, transparent, and available.




Director of Strategic Accounts


Head of Operations


Head of Business Development

Bright Development is a full-service digital marketing agency offering best-in-class services ranging from business consulting, web & mobile development to full-scale marketing services.

We’re a team of experts in their respective fields, coordinated by highly trained project managers. At Bright Development, we believe in expert communication and meeting deadlines. Every step along the way, you’ll know exactly where we are on the project and when it will be completed. If anything gets in the way, it will be communicated far in advance.

Our project managers have a holistic understanding of the project’s strategy, development and processes. It allows them to be tremendously flexible in seeking out creative opportunities to get things done ahead of schedule and below budget.

All of our work is modular and non-proprietary. This is important because if you ever decide to hire someone full-time or bring on another agency, you can do so without difficulty. Our goal is simple. We want to provide you high-quality work on-time.

We look forward to working with you!


What Clients Say


While our team is international, we are primarily based in the United States!

We take time to work with you to understand your needs. Once we’ve established how we can help, work offline to create an accurate estimate and quote. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll let you know and give you some pointers on who may be able to help!

All of our estimates are built to ensure they are accurate – both in terms of cost and deadline. We never provide estimates which we aren’t sure we can follow up on. That means that we’ll deliver on time, and on budget.

Our work is backed by contracts – we are very comfortable legally binding ourselves to the quality of our work 🙂

We are available 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, without fail. You can call us, text us, email us, chat us – we’ll be here.

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