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The College Audition

  • Sector: Lifestyle
  • Client: TIm Evanicki
  • Location Planet Earth


  • SEO
  • Brand audit
  • Brand contents
  • Logo
  • Visual identity
  • Website
  • OOH advertising

Making The College
Audition the first
search result on

When you search ‘college audition coach’ on Google, you’ll see Tim Evanicki’s website, The College Audition, right away. Not only is it on the first page, it’s the first result on the first page. But that wasn’t always the case.

The College Audition is a small business started by renowned Juilliard- educated voice teacher and singer, TIm Evanicki. He offers nation-wide services as well as local services in Orlando, Florida.

the college audition's homepage

tim evanki is a julliard trained vocalist

the college audition is located in orlando florida

Just a few years ago The College Audition was showing up on a negligible page on Google, while the top competitor (who’s been operating for 10+ years) had the number one spot secured.

While Tim coached his students, we worked backstage so-to-speak. We decided to re-make his website entirely based on extensive strategy and search engine research. We then used that research to make a social media content creation schedule with well-optimized posts and supporting media.

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Peter and the team at Bright have been outstanding to work with. Not only did they help us identify the best direction for our web development, they troubleshooted many major and minor issues to get LiveOutlaw.com working perfectly for everyone! We’re already working on our third SOW with them, because they’re so great. It’s great to have them in the Outlaw gang!

Danielle Vincent

The Boss, Outlaw Soaps, Inchttp://liveoutlaw.com/
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Bright Development was our development partner for a client’s e-commerce website, and we have been impressed with the level of professionalism and quality provided by the team. The site build was smooth and our client was thrilled. Their team delivered a combination of excellent technical expertise with a highly responsive, friendly and collaborative approach. And despite the fact that our team, our clients and Bright Development are all remote, the Bright team has closed the gap by making themselves readily available via email, text and project management platforms. We appreciate their white glove approach to client service because it matches our own!

Stephanie Schaub | 7th Floor Digital

Partner & Co-Founder | 310.428.83297thfloordigital.com
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Greg and his team have been great to work with. They took on a project that other agencies thought was too complicated and developed a simple and effective solution. I believe one reason they were able to do this was because of their willingness to listen and understand our needs, as opposed to making assumptions and jumping to conclusions. Greg is also very responsive – as a small business owner, it’s comforting to work with a partner who shares a sense of urgency in solving problems that arise.

Noah Krimm

CEO of Hindon Industrieshttps://hindon.com